ALK-88 Eloik

ALK-88 Eloik

Adopt: Germany imported movement.
Achieve: 7 seconds welding, 14 seconds heating.
Setting: Fiber core, cladding, fine alignment, Ultra-low loss.
After-sales service: Factory outlets, three-year quality warranty!
 Fusion Splicer ALK-88A is a Mini type Fusion splicing machine and have our ownintellectual property right of fiber adjustment technology .It adopts advanced PAS Fiber

adjustment technology. Adopt four motors drive, have fiber adjustment function, it is not
only used for FTTX project but also can be used for the trunk line, it is a machine whichis
the smallest volume,the lightest weight,the fastest splicing speed.


Applicable Fiber Type: SMMMDS, NZDS

Applicable fiber diameter: Cladding diameter of 125μm, coating diameter 250 ~ 900μm

Average splice loss : 0.01dB(SM)0.01dB(MM)0.04dB(DS)0.04dB(NZDS)

Connecting time: 9sec(Typical time)

Maximum storage: 5000 set of the latest record storage

Screen: 4.3 in. color LCD, supports Chinese, English , Russian, and Spanish display

Optical magnification:  X / Y: 115 times, X, or Y: 230 times

Storage Conditions :  0 to 95% relative humidity, temperature -40 ℃ ~ 80 ℃ (

Corrosion resistance Device components, spare parts, and materials used meet corrosion

Splice/heat program Stored 40 groups, 80 groups of user-defined

Return Loss More than 60dB

Tensile test 2N

Data interface USB2.0

Battery Typical Operating 220 (splice/heat shrink / thermal stripping) on a single

charge 3h, can be reused 500 times

packing gross weight: 5.38Kg


Hardness:The body is made from titanium alloy , and it has rubber protection function ,

quakeproof, waterproof, dustproof .

Fast: 7s fast splicing , 25s fast heating, support continuous heating , average efficiency

improve 2~3times.

Long lifetime : 2 batteries ,200 fiber splicing ,no memory effect Lithium Batteries ,the fiber

cleaver has 24 blade , long lifetime.

Convenience: convenient for maintenance.

Interchangeable Fiber Holders

Fiber holders adopt Interchangeable design. we can change different fiber holders for

Applicable Fiber Count Single

different fiber splicing:

1、Splice-on fast connector—3x2mm drop cable

2、Splice-on fast connector—Pigtail fiber (2.0mm or 3.0mm)

3、3x2mm drop cable—3x2mm drop cable

4、3x2mm drop cable – Pigtail fiber (2.0mm or 3.0mm)

5、0.25mm Fiber—0.25mm Fiber

6、0.9mm Fiber—0.9mm Fiber