AE3100A~F Series

Wavelength Handheld OTDR

From Deviser Instruments’ 4th generation of OTDR, the field-portable AE3100 marks a giant leap forward in fiber-optic measurement performance and utility. Models A through F can test the 1310nm and 1550nm wavelengths with dynamic range up to 45dB. Input signals that contain both 1310nm & 1550nm wavelengths are automatically filtered.
Featuring intuitive touchscreen controls and real-time data analysis, the AE3100 is the ideal test instrument for constructing, deploying, maintaining, and authenticating FTTx networks – as well as verifying access networks. Multiple models and configuration options ensure your unique measurement needs are covered.



  • High performance OTDR for FTTx and RFoG network
  • 7”, 800×480 LCD touchscreen places power and convenience at your fingertips
  • Excellent short-distance performance with 0.8m event deadzone and 4m attenuation deadzone
  • Dual-wavelength testing with broad dynamic range coverage (28 – 45dB)
  • Minimum 5cm resolution
  • Intelligent event analysis
  • Excellent stability and repeatability
  • “FiberPath” fiber link mapping mode
  • Multiple options for your measurement needs, including: VFL, power meter, light source, and optical fiber microscop
  • Complete user data ports: supports LAN, USB, SD, & more