CWDM Channel Analyzer

CWDM Channel Analyzer

The AE600 CWDM Channel Analyzer is a handheld optical
tester for measuring the power and wavelength of CWDM system transmissions Compared with the AE500, this analyzer can simultaneously verify up to 18 CWDM channels within wavelengths of 1271 – 1611nm Measurement data can bedisplayed in either graphical or list format.

AE600 equipment which measures transmitting optical power on CWDM system. With 16 CWDM wavelengths power measurement channels, it measures and displays the power of 16 wavelengths from 1270nm to1610nm simultaneously.

IT is easy to carry, handy operation and the measurement results are displayed by list and graph, make the measurement much easier and quicker. It can be widely used for the installation and maintenance of CWDM system.




  • Analyze 18 wavelengths (ranging from 1271-1611nm) simultaneously
  • All day testing with 5 hours’ continuous operatio
  • Interchangeable connectors facilitates changing between FC/SC/LC/ST connectors
  • Results can be viewed in a list or a graph format
  • Store up to 1000 groups of data, then manage them with TOOLBOX management software