AE919 Series

Multi Optical Tester

Multi Optical Tester

AE919 Series Multi Optical Tester is presented by Deviser
Instruments Ltd. in Tianjin at the end of 2017. As a new generation optical fiber network testing instrument, it adopts some new techniques such as high-speed processors and real-time analysis and processing.
From Deviser Instruments’ newest generation of test equipment, the AE919 Series Multi Optical Tester brings the best in optical fiber network evaluation.
Offering exceptional test specifications at high cost performance, the AE919 Series is ideal for fiber installation, deployment, and maintenance in FTTH+IP and FTTH+RF projects.

Multiple models and configuration options ensure your unique measurement needs are covered.


  • High performance meter for construction & maintenance of FTTH+IP and FTTH+RF network
  • 5”, 800×480 LCD touchscreen places power and convenience at your fingertips
  • FTTH+IP apps include IPTV, ONU, FiberPathTM link mapper
  • FTTH+RF apps include QAM, ONU, TDR, FiberPathTM link mapper
  • Lightweight, ultra portable “mini” design for extended field us
  • Excellent stability and repeatabilit
  • Multiple options for your measurement needs, including VFL, PON power meter, and light source
  • Numerous data transfer options: LAN, USB, & mor
  • Compact Mini design, lighter, thinner and sm