NG-PON2 Power Meter

NG-PON2 Power Meter

New from Deviser, the EP330B is a next generation passive optical network (NG-PON2) power meter that helps quickly validate PON installations.

This compact test instrument can measure up to eleven distinct wavelengths simultaneously, with user-defined pass/fail thresholds to simplify interpretation. Results can be downloaded to a PC for further analysis. The EP330B incorporates an improved optical path design.

Use its feed-through test mode to measure continuous downstream signals (at 1490/1550nm) or bursty upstream signals (at 1310nm). You can also measure these signals in the C and L wavebands (both 4 DWDM).



  • Fast, high-accuracy NG-PON2 feedthrough test – measure 11 wavelengths at once (upstream or downstream)
  • Measure and compare 5 bursty optical signals
  • Customize your preferred wavelengths (at time of purchase
  • Onboard data storage, self-calibration, and limit function
  • Also functions as traditional OPM, with power conversion & reference power too
  • Backlit LCD screen for maximum visibility
  • Rechargeable battery delivers over 6 hours’ operatio