EP700 Series
Multi Meter

Multi Meter

The EP700 packs both a light source and an optical power meter in a single handheld unit The multi-meter is ideal for optical testing of many applications including CATV, FTTx and PON networks.

The visual fault locator enables the user to quickly locate faults in the fiber, making it the perfect tool for installation and maintenance of optical distribution network.

EP700 series integrates the functions of intelligent optical power meter module (AE200 series) and highly stable light source module(LS300) in one unit.

Integration of optical power meter, light source and visible faulty locator FTTX application and PON wavelength 30 hours working time.



  • All-in-one optical test set – combines a light source, optical power meter and visual fault locato
  • Ideal for CATV, FTTx and PON application
  • Durable, palm-sized frame ideal for field operation
  • Long battery life for all day testin