FVAm Series Benchtop Microscopes

FVAm Series Benchtop Microscopes

The new FVAm™ series expands on the industry-leading FV product family
from VIAVI Solutions with a completely automated inspection solution for

multifiber connectors such as MPO. This all-in-one system automatically inspects

and analyzes every fiber of an MPO or other multifiber connector with reliability

and speed. With FVAm series benchtop microscopes, manufacturing facilities can

ensure optimized quality and performance of MPO trunk cables and assemblies at

every stage of production.


  • Guarantee reliable MPO production quality
  • Optimize production workflows at every stage
  • Certify MPO end face quality to customer
    requirements and industry standards
  • Streamline inspection methods with fast and
    reliable functionality
  • Fully automated MPO inspection and analysis
  • No PC required for analysis
  • Generate certification reports and archive
    test data
  • Locate and identify defects and scratches
  • Easily switch between connector configurations
    with new FMAG series magnetic adapters
  • Intuitive UI either on-board or in FiberChekPRO™
  • Integrates with VIAVI PCT system
  • Available with or without on-board
    touch screen video display