With unmatched scalability, users can be assured
that the MAP-300 will meet their exact needs today,
while still giving them the ability to address future
requirements as they arise.
The configurable user interface allows operators to
customize their test workflow in an intuitive dashboard
layout that corresponds with the connected test


  • Simple & Intuitive operation via on-screen GUI
  • HTML-based Graphical User Interface
    supports multiple users and locations
  • Field-replaceable controller includes 3.5”
    touch screen for quick access to both top-
    level information and further details in a local
    management interface
  • Customizable for rackmount, reverse-
    rackmount and benchtop mainframe
  • Fast boot-up time
  • Extensive Input/output interfaces
  • Compatible with existing family of
    LightDirect™ modules to deliver the
    industry’s most extensive range of
    test capabilities
  • Integrates with other lab & production
    applications such as LabVIEW, Visual C++,
    Visual Basic, and LabWindows™ using
    SCPI commands
  • View system faults and alarms and diagnostic tools