The OLP-82 from VIAVI Solutions is the first handheld tool to
combine pass/fail fiber inspection and optical power measurement

(OPM) into one solution. As part of the VIAVI SmartClass Fiber

family, the OLP-82 helps service providers guarantee a lifetime of

system performance from their network connectivity and gives

contractors an essential tool for delivering best-in-class reliable

networks to their customers.



  • Field-portable OPM with multiple calibrated
    wavelengths from 780 to 1625 nm
  • Automated pass/fail analysis for fiber inspection
    and test
  • Supports both industry-standard and user-
    definable acceptance criteria
  • Available with integrated PCM
  • Integrated connector certification reports
  • Rugged, weather-proof design
  • Onboard storage for fiber inspection and
    test results

  • Connects to a PC via mini-USB to export data and
    manage acceptance criteria using FiberChekPRO™

  • Two USB ports to connect additional devices such
    as a P5000i microscope
  • Automatic fiber-image centering
  • Modern, smartphone-style user interface with
    touch screen