OneAdvisor 800

OneAdvisor 800

Modular test platform designed for use in the installation and maintenance of fiber, wireless and transport applications.

The VIAVI OneAdvisor 800 is the first test tool designed to address the challenges of a modern network field technician. By rolling all the key test capabilities into one portable tester and combining it with easy-to-use test process and reporting automation, VIAVI has equipped wireline and wireless service providers, equipment manufacturers, system integrators, and contractors to meet the work-speed and test coverage requirements for telecommunication networks buildouts and maintenance.


  • Extended modularity; dual-bay, detachable or plug-in (via Module carrier) capability that can be combined
  • Job Manager for workflow automation for seamless job between all test functions– Enabled by cloud base StrataSync service
  • SAA (Smart Access Anywhere) for Remote Access and coaching
  • RF Spectrum Analyzer and Signal Analyzer for 4G and 5G
  • Singlemode and multimode OTDR
  • Bi-directional Optical Loss and ORL Test
  • Optical spectrum analyzer
  • CWDM and DWDM optical channel checker
  • Broadband optical Power level
  • Connector end face inspection
  • Ethernet and protocol testing
  • Optical dispersion and Attenuation profile
  • RF power sensor
  • Cable and Antenna Analyzer